Matthew Cowan

Matthew Cowan Managing Director

I am looking for entrepreneurs with just the right mix of tenacity and vision, which together will shape the future.

Matthew Cowan is a co-founder of Bridgescale Partners and brings more than 17 years of investing experience. Prior to forming Bridgescale, Matthew was the founding General Partner of Bowman Capital’s venture capital group in 1998, focusing on expansion-stage technology companies. While at Bowman, Matthew was responsible for leading investments in Arrowpoint Communications (sold to Cisco), Atheros (NASDAQ: ATHR), Broadbase (sold to Kana), epinions (sold to eBay), FastForward Networks (sold to Inktomi), Onebox (sold to <> ), ONI Systems (sold to Ciena), RemarQ (sold to Critical Path), SupportSoft (NASDAQ: SPRT), Sycamore Networks (NASDAQ: SCMR) and The <>  (NASDAQ: TSCM).

Immediately prior to joining Bowman Capital, Matthew held several positions at Intel Corporation starting in 1993, including Director of Corporate Business Development, where he managed Intel’s Internet, media and international investment activity. Matthew worked on several acquisitions and divestitures, including Intel’s sale of its PLD business to Altera. Matthew also participated in forming a joint venture with Creative Artists Agency to pursue investments in the emerging Internet category. During Matthew’s tenure at Intel, he was responsible for investments in CMGI (NASDAQ: CMGI), CNET (sold to CBS), Geocities (sold to Yahoo!), Illustra (sold to Informix), iVillage (sold to NBC), Launch Media (sold to Yahoo!), Liquid Audio and Sportsline among others.

At Bridgescale, Matthew serves on the boards of Finomial, J Hilburn, and BitGo.

Matthew holds a B.A. in political science from Tufts University.

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