Target Sectors

We are active across a broad range of information technology, media and communication sectors based on the core investment themes for growth:

  • Enterprises will continue to own less IT assets
  • Billions of people will be able to transact on their mobile device
  • Mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device
  • Consumers will continue to have an insatiable demand for digital media
  • Enterprises will adopt social collaboration tools
  • Online advertising dollars will migrate from purely search based to social media
  • Healthcare will continue to rapidly adopt information technology to manage healthcare costs and provide better care and services
  • Analytic needs and security challenges drive the explosive growth in online data

    As a team, we bring specialized knowledge, experience and relationships across all areas of technology, which enable us to identify significant growth opportunities in this complex, dynamically changing industry.   Our core investment sectors include:

    • Software
    • Mobile
    • Business Services
    • Digital Media
    • Infrastructure

    “We are delighted to add Bridgescale to our group of high quality investors. Bridgescale has always worked closely with the management team and our board to enhance our differentiated strategy in mobile games. We value the resources they bring to drive both our current operations and new strategies.”

    Trip Hawkins
    Digital Chocolate