History of Success

Bridgescale investment team has a distinguished track record of company building and investment success. We have invested and operated in over 100 private technology companies of which 25 have achieved an IPO and 50 have been exited through an M&A. Our investment team brings years of senior operations and investment expertise combined with a large network of relationships with some of Silicon Valley’s most successful technology executives.

High-Value Network

Through our years of investing, advising and operating we have built a broad and global network spanning the entire information technology industry ecosystem. With these proprietary and high-value relationships, we can help our portfolio companies with customer acquisition, business development, recruiting and M&A transactions.

Technology Focused

We are 100 percent technology focused, with deep vertical expertise in consumer Internet, digital media, semiconductors, communications hardware, software and related services. Bridgescale is strategically located on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, California. This location puts us in close proximity to the highest concentration of technology startups in the world and where the most active private company technology investors can be found. This focus and access to so many exciting investment opportunities gives Bridgescale a unique ability to identify leading investment prospects and also serves as a potential relationship channel for startups should they like to partner.

Flexible and Creative Deal Structuring

We have been involved with numerous transactions and are very experienced in structuring complex transactions. We can leverage this experience to be creative with structure and process so that we can accommodate all of our shareholders’ interests. Our investment appetite, as measured in dollars, has the flexibility to accommodate the needs of the management teams, previous investors and the divesting corporation. We are comfortable with minority equity positions, full or partial recapitalizations, acquisition financings and buyouts.

“The Bridgescale team provided some of the best insights to help scale our business. Their value add was not just promises...they actually jumped on a plane and personally escorted our executive team to some of the most respected executives in Japan. It would have taken us months to get those meetings.”

Dr. Naveed Sherwani
Co-Founder, President & CEO
Open Silicon