March 5th, 2012

Bridgescale Invests in Corporate Training Application Vendor Axonify

Today we announced that Bridgescale invested in next generation teaching software company, Axonify. Axonify, formerly 17muscles, is pioneering the use of social media and gamification to corporate training. The e-learning market is a $30 billion market and it is ripe for innovation.  Currently, 40 million users log into social gaming every day. We believe a good number of these gamers are employed by some of the world’s largest corporate organizations and that they could greatly benefit from Axonify’s training.

Axonify has already penetrated some of the largest US retailers who are currently using their technology to train employees in a fun and productive way.  Axonify uses some of the most recognized research on this subject matter to focus on retention, not just training.

Bridgescale’s deep expertise in understanding next generation human resource management software makes Axonify a great fit for our investment thesis.